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The GelBottle Inc offers an incredible array of unique colours to satisfy everyone’s taste.

With different base options and revolutionary builder gel systems for both natural nails and extensions

we are able to treat all nails with this wonder product. 

Offering up to 3 weeks chip- free wear The GelBottle Inc™ gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented and offer extreme long lasting shine. The good news doesn’t end there because they are also VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE.

gel manicure 

Gel manicure + removal 

gel pedicure 

gel pedicure + removal 





gel mani & pedi 

gel french

gel extensions

gel mani removal






shellac hands 

shellac toes

shellac French

shellac removal+reapply

shellac removal 

shellac rockstar (glitter)







CND Shellac is a hybrid power polish offering up to 2 weeks of chip free, high gloss wear. 

Removes quickly and easily.

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We sculpt all our extensions meaning no glue or plastic tips are used!

Only the highest quality NSI acrylic or TGB gel create the extension, giving a strong but natural finish.

Gel works best for creating shorter nail enhancements and to fix broken natural nails when needed.

We recommend acrylic extensions for medium - long length extensions.

acrylic extensions

gel extensions

acrylic infills 

gel infills

Nail repair

extension removal 









Let us take you on a blissful journey to soft, supple, happy hands. 

Nails will be shaped, intensive cuticle care, hands cleansed in a milk bath before we polish away imperfections with a sumptuous exfoliating scrub. Skin will be bathed in an illuminating masque before hands are massaged with silky moisturising lotion. 

This treatment leaves you no choice but to relax and is as much a treat for the mind as the hands!



luxury manicure with polish

Luxury manicure with gel 


Like a brisk barefoot walk through the surf, our luxury pedicure uses botanicals, sea salts and quartz crystals to revitalise tired soles. 

Treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle care, callus smoothing, relaxing foot bath, exfoliating scrub, moisturising foot masque and feet massaged with hydrating oil.

luxury pedicure with polish 

luxury pedicure with gel 



file and polish 

A quick tidy up you can fit into your lunch break!

Nails filed to shape, cuticles pushed back, polish applied in the colour of your choice!

regular file and polish 

children's file and polish 



Children aged 14+ charged at regular price

nail art 

As we offer such a vast choice of nail art it is impossible to list a price for all - please use the below as a guide.

For intricate, hand painted designs or if you are unsure which option to book please contact us directly for a quote and to ensure enough time is booked out to complete your vision! 

No nail art request is too weird!

We've painted everything from bananas to toilet rolls to hot air balloons...

Let your creativity run wild!

simple nail art add-on

Add this service if you would like simple nail art taking no longer than 10 minutes. Examples include simple lines, glitter, foils, leopard print/marble on a couple of nails...


From £3

detailed nail art add-on

Choose this option to add detailed nail art onto your appointment. This is for designs which require extra time, handpainting and extra detail. Examples include stars, florals, marble, crystals, ombre.

The price shown is a guide price for two nails per hand, a full set will incur an extra charge.

intricate nail art add-on

Choose this option to add intricate nail art to your booking. Examples of intricate nail art include complex patterns, full set florals, letters, characters and custom designs. The price quotes is a guide only and prices vary dependant on exact designs.

Please contact us directly if you are unsure which nail art option you need!

From £10

From £6