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45 Watergate Row



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Our Vision

We are not your run of the mill salon. 


Sometime in 2014, over a wine or three, the concept of our nail boutique was born. As we all know, some salons can be unwelcoming, intimidating and uncomfortable places.

We wanted to create a bubble away from the stresses of the real world where you can sit back, be pampered and be yourself without judgement or snootiness. 

Thankfully, the ladies of Didsbury liked our vision and with their support we were able to open our second nail boutique in Chester city centre in 2017.

All our nail professionals have been carefully handpicked for their skill, talent and passion for their craft. The health of the natural nail, whether you are wanting to grow your own or would like extensions, remains our priority. 

We wanted to create an environment where clients would feel comfortable enough to ask for anything they wanted... Bananas and eyes on your nails? Sure, no problem!

We only use premium brands and sculpt all of our extensions. No tips, no glue and no electric files are used. We have a vast array of colours, glitters, foils and paints to choose from, meaning we can create a truly bespoke set of nails to suit your lifestyle and personality. 

Rest assured you will feel welcome, valued and fabulous...

Because you are 


'me time' in just a few clicks 

We only use the best...

Nail care is at the forefront of all we do.

We only use genuine, premium products.  

"The atmosphere in The Filing Cabinet is always warm and welcoming. Once you've been you will never look for another salon again."

- Sue Carragher -